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Check ot some really cool photographs
icon science_astronomy

Click on the images to make the larger...
Click on the name above to find more...

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*agrees* especially if you like this sort of work, I'll find more. as I find it incredible also.

(Deleted comment)
exactly, as most of the photographer's other photos do. I like surreal photography, otherworldly, ya know?

G, these are beautiful and interesting.

hope you are doing well.


glad you liked them, I hope you checked out the photographer's site, I only grabbed two of several.

I'm okay, adjusting to impending changes, not willing but what are ya going to do? Glad especially to see you're still around. even if I do see your name periodically here & there as beta. Still, glad to see you here. Hope all is well.

These are indeed cool!
Love especially the first one. Beautiful!!!
Thank you for sharing =)

Yeah, I thought so too :D

Those are really cool. I like the girl with orange balls best. Also, white girl floating above white bed and girl with smoking book on floor and girl on swing.

seems like you pretty much liked a lot...very cool.

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