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365 Photography Project Twenty-Ninth Post

While this photo is NOT particularly attractive, it is noteworthy because we have been waiting for the day when work would begin on revamping and -- we hope we hope we hope -- reopening this ugly and empty store. Rumors fly as to what may locate there, we'll just have to be patient.

Monday April 25, 2011 Work has begun on refurbishing the closed Mervyns across the street from where we live. This is a very good indication of better times ahead.

Tuesday April 26, 2011 A new kitty to come sit on our fence, view from our front door.

Wednesday April 27, 2011 shadow with paint, a now favorite 'portrait' of Lauren

Thursday April 28, 2011 Hallmark reflection, which is located right next to the above-mentioned being refurbished Mervyns.

Friday April 29, 2011 April book. This month I've included my laptop in as much as several stories I read were fanfic.
If you're in need of a good book that discusses the parts of speech, 'When You Catch an Adjective, Kill It' is worth the read. The title comes from a remark made by Mark Twain who then went on to say...'not really', as does the author who, in fact, collects 'very cool' adjectives. The point is...don't overdue, that's all.

Saturday Aapril 30, 2011 I said, 'Pose' and she did. She had a practice AP Lit test, from 10 to 1:00 and then had to go to Jimmy's to study for their AP physics test, which they're taking this afternoon. The rock behind her is constantly being repainted, by whoever wants to and for whatever reason.

Flickr for the Days of Our Lives

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