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I'm doing something I never do, I'm rec'ing a fic

Because I'm pretty limited in how much time I can give to it, fanfic-wise, I'm only really reading the Adam Lambert_Tommy Joe Ratliff pairing from GlamNation.


which I read about a week ago now, simply will NOT leave me alone. I keep going over it and over it in my mind, such amazing images, concepts, atmosphere described within its 21,000 words can catch me off-guard in any quiet moments, she tells a good story .

And an unusual one, in this case. Very unusual, kind of primal, kind of animalistic, but with no tidy ending. In this case, it really is as much about the journey as the destination.

In the author's words:'
The incredibly life-like figment of Adam's imagination drops belly-down, claws outstretched, eyes flickering left then right then left again. Thin crooked ears like antennae swivel forward in a question.

This comes at the very beginning of blue_soaring's story the rest of which is Adam's journey as he tries to come to terms with what or who this figment of his imagination is. There are no easy answers, nothing is hurried or quickly explained and on some personal level, it haunts me. Knowledge about Adam/ Tommy or GlamNation is not required, this is very AU and so, if your in the mood for something different and well written, check out this story.

Also, the amazing quinn222 made the story banner,
which I find both evocatively & beautifully done
if you click on it, it gets bigger.
Posted without anyone's permission :)

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