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365 Photography Project Thirty-First Post

Sunday May 08, 2011 For Mother's Day made with love from her to me!

Monday May 09, 2011 This car sits next to me in mine while I wait for Lauren after school. I like how you can, in the window, see clouds above it, buildings beyond it and even what's in it. So many levels.

Tuesday May 10, 2011 From the DVR, the House cast with their 'It Gets Better Project' vid. So cool that so many are joining in.

Wednesday May 11, 2011 Lauren wanted Crown College, Science & Technology, housing and she was accepted. Next step is to do room-selection.

Thursday May 12, 2011 For awhile, I've been putting together a corkboard collage, old stuff, new stuff, interests, personal, postcards from NY, old photos, a pic of Tommy and Johns & Rauschenberg, ticket stubs, drawings and so on. The 2nd photo shows its location just where I get out of bed, which I'm sitting on to take the picture.  Can be clicked to enlarge.

Friday May 13, 2011 A neon sign in the window of our nearly-every-Friday coffee-after-school place. I'm sitting at a table shooting up at the sign.

Saturday May 14, 2011 Lincoln High School, where Lauren had some additional testing to do, is the kind of high school she always wished she gone to, a building, not a campus. It's located in an older, and beautiful area of San Jose. 

the flickr of our lives

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