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One of those Hodge-Podgey Posts

Via Lauren and posted because I have to, I seriously seriously have to.

Okay, so we got this new landline phone, which talks, in a woman's voice to announce who's calling and in a man's voice when retrieving left messages. Way to go for gender neutrality, right? Since the man's voice doesn't have to wing it, he doesn't make mistakes -- you have 3 new messages...message 1 blah blah blah --- so no biggie BUT the woman's voice has to wing it all the time and sometimes, makes mistakes as in when Canton MA becomes Cantonum A or, my personal favorite, when Nature Cons (short for Nature Conservancy) becomes what sounds like Major Cunts. I laugh every time they call...alot while Lauren looks just slightly uncomfortable.

How freakin' awesome IS this photograph, Endeavor just hanging on the cusp of the space station...gorgeous!!

I am narcissisticly rereading my QAF stories, all of which were written for either Challenges -- hurt/ comfort...roadtrip...what if -- or Holiday Gift Exchanges, beginning with the first one -- a Christmas AU -- and, while the narrative is pretty alright, the writing isn't as alright so, I am also basically rewriting it. I imagine, I hope in other words, that as I go along through the other stories, the writing will improve. I am also concurrently, rereading my majorly loooooong QAF story, the last one I wrote for the QAF fandom anyway, and haven't had to do too much rewriting, so far anyway and mainly thanks to herefordroad's lovely beta'ing. What a journey that was, Jeannie :D

So, I think I will pleasantly spend my summer enjoying or cringing but either way, reworking, my own words with the ultimately goal of doing one of those Master Post I see around here from time to time, which will contain several QAF stories and 1 GlamNation story...heeee!!!

I will, eventually, as when I get up the guts, also include some original stories I've been working on so, for summer anyway, my book readin' will undoubtedly decrease but that's ok too. Summer has a different flow to it, doesn't it? a different way of being. And, it's all to the good.

Hodge-podgey post over & out.

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