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Master Post

Queer As Folk

  • A Time From Now_Post513

When Queer As Folk ended, like many, I was unsatisfied with that ending so, I began a journey that became this fanfic, which continues the story of most of the main characters while also introducing several new ones. There is also an underlying narrative provided by the Editors of The Brian Kinney Operating Manual that Michael was always so fond of quoting to Justin. This fanfic spans nearly sixty years and in that time people die, but before they do, a lot of living happens and in almost every case, those lives are lived to the fullest of my capabilities. From Daphne to Ted, from Jennifer to Carl, everyone has the life I would have wished for them including Brian and Justin.

Short Stories
Christmas Stories

An Adam Lambert & Tommy Joe Ratliff send-up, based-on, whatever. Names have been changed.
Below, Every Second Wednesday is based on the same two characters combined with my Alden characters.

  • Even Those Rules Given Down by the Gods_Re-Edit 2018
    During the 2010 tour, Jonny deals with his frustrations in the only way he knows how, by not talking to Evan, by not talking to anyone, by taking matters into his own hands. Thereby making the situation so very more messy.

Original Stories
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