gaeln (gaeln) wrote,

So, what I think I'm going to do is...

...whenever I am ready to post a reedited QAF story, or my single GlamNation story, I'll make a post, containing the story's relevant information, that links to a Master Post that will remain at the head of my journal  forever. This way, I'm not reposting the stories, just a link to the Master Post that will then, link to the story. Whut?

So, if anyone can think of a cleaner way of doing this, I'd be glad to take suggestions.

Title: The Journey
Author: gaeln
Timeline: 2002 - 2004
Rating: PG13
Warnings: AU
Pairing: Brian / briefly implied other; Justin / briefly implied other; ultimately Brian/ Justin
Summary: A story that deals with the idea that in any and all Universes Brian and Justin will find each other

This story was originally posted in January of 2007 for a QAF-Challenge/ Gift_Exchange thingie where someone wanted an AU Christmas Story. It was my Very First QAF story which is why I'm reediting and reposting it first even if it is out-of-season. It was also originally beta'ed by shadownyc ,who always did such a wonderful job for me but, since this is now very much altered, to hold her in anyway responsible wouldn't be fair. Consequently...unbeta'ed.

Link to The Journey
Link to the
Master Post


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