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365 Photography Project Thirty-Eighth Post

Last week David was gone to a wedding back east, so Lauren and I cocooned in. I would say, 'Would you like to go somewhere/" And she would  say, "Not particularly.' So, mostly we didn't and it was swell. Still, stuff got done if not posted. Consequently, this is late. No big surprise there and I'll need to post twice this week to catch up.

Sunday June 26, 2011 Two pitchers
For Lauren: The larger pitcher, with the crackle-glaze is the first antique piece I ever bought, at a little store your 'auntie' Esther took me to in La Puente. I was 18 or 19. I found the smaller clear-glaze one years later and bought it only because it companioned so well with my original.

Monday June 27, 2011 I think a cool picture of California grass

Tuesday June 28, 2011 The History of English, a series of 32 half-hour lectures. Mr. Witherspoon did not like how we Americans were abusing the English language. If only he knew what was to come!! The man behind the words is Professor Seth Lerer, out of Stanford, a local gentleman!

Wednesday June 29, 2011 David getting ready to leave for Ohio.

Thursday June 30, 2011 After dropping David at the airport at 6:30am, Lauren and I went to a local coffee place, Almaden Roasting Company, to relax.

Friday July 1, 2011 We went to lunch at Dennys, that's us in the window.

Saturday July 2, 2011 heavy stuff is heavy at OSH. It turns out that this isn't the front-of-the-store side, so soon, I'm going to start taking my weekly photos from that side also OMG can you stand the excitement!!??!!

The flickr of our lives

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