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365 Photography Project_Forty-Third Post

Oh my, so behind!!

Frozen yogurt with much fruit...yum. Mine is the berries et al while Lauren's is the kiwi et al.

Sunday July 31, 2011 Willow Glen is getting a new shopping/ dining complex, which is good and bad. Good because all neighborhoods need investment dollars, but bad because Willow Glen is a street of little stores, like an old-fashioned downtown. This complex will be something more like a outdoor mall. Still...nice architecture.

Taken at Kohls because Lauren and I both like the look of the kid. As she pointed out, 'Little dude's got attitude'. Hell, yeah.

Monday August 1, 2011 At Kohls for the very first time. I took this because Lauren thought it was creepy-cool how the poster guy 'peeked' out at us, like he was a stalker :D

Tuesday August 2, 2011
For Lauren: The bottom box is Grandpa Rode's 'Jewelery' box, which is really more a catch-all of broken things, momentos etc. Above is a box Tom gave me when we lived in San Francisco. I keep left-over money in it from my sojourn to Europe with your 'aunties' Esther and Barbara. Above is a little book written, anon, by the guy who was Frank O'Hia's roommate, Joe LeSueur, who also wrote my favorite 'bio' on Frank. His little book alternates gay and straight chapters, which as a gay man he had difficulty writing, so he could get it published. The next is a book of love poems your dad gave me when we were very young. I have pressed flowers in it. Above is Grandpa Rode's favorite lighter which I keep as a reminder that smoking does in fact kill, while next to it is Grandma Mary little catch-all box of keys and dice and broken things. And finally is a carved wood rabbit Auntie Barbara gave me I no longer remember why, Probably just because she liked it and thought I would too. All this sits on my side table, as is, behind the lamp.

Downtown Los Gatos

Wednesday August3, 2011 Lauren and I spent the day shopping, but not so much buying, in Los Gatos, the next town north of us. This signage is fairly indicative of the types of stores Los Gatos caters to. Although really it's more Inner Journey and Nirvana, there's still room for little places like Mario's even if it is in the back.

Thursday August 4, 2011 Our optometrist's office_Lauren and my annual visit

OSH being built_Side view

Friday August 5, 2011 OSH front-view

Reflection of telescope in glass

Saturday August 6, 2011 Lauren, David and I went to the Lick Observatory at Mount Hamilton to not only listen to wonderful music by "Ancient Future', to not only listen to a very interesting lecture by a physicist whose name I forget off-hand, from Berkeley about finding new plants around nearby stars, but also to have the chance to view through 2 of the Lick's telescopes including this one, a 1reflector telescope, which is housed in the most wonderful120 year-old room made of copper, brass and wood.

The flickr of our lives
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