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I'm pimping two excellent vids & one amazing story

The story first:
It's called 'Hotel Sin' and is written by Brian Hennessey aka big-brian-o and for any of you who have read any of his other stories, this one continues in the same quality vein. It' takes place in modern day San Antonio TX and centers around the 'Gale Harold-esque' character of Jesse James, a troubled detective who finds himself investigating a gruesome murder case that has taken place at  'Hotel Sin', a decrepit, abandoned, except for the homeless who call it home, on-the-edge-of-town motel. Brian's story is graphic and intense and so worth the read. It now is at 10 chapters with plenty more to come, I'm sure. As a bonus, he really brings the city of San Antonio alive, with many insider details, which makes the story all that much more real.
The first chapter can be found here
His journal with all the postings can be found here

Now, for the vids: and please remember to click through so the vids record more view and so you can 'Like It'
The first is by our very own tv_fan_2008 who has done a terrific job with this. Send her some love & maybe even join her YouTube channel Equexin.

and the second is the improved version, as in very very little screaming to interrupt the enjoyment, of Adam's beautiful new single so very very beautifully sung.

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