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365 Photography Project Forty-Fourth Post

With this post, I will have been doing this project for 287 days, not a magical number by any means, but pretty impressive for me of the very short attention span and even if I am about three weeks behind in posting.
So, on to the show! such as it is :-)

Flowers from the courtyard pots brought inside and placed in malkglass. My only regret is that I cut off Snoopy's nose, but dude is still so cool. The smudge of purple in the background sky is the same tree as can be seen in Saturday at the end.

Sunday August 7, 2011_I LOVE this photograph even if I do say so myself.Monday August 8, 2011_Laptop went...meh. We took it in, they took their sweet-ass time fixing it, and on this very special day, we picked it up. It's in my fine leather bag hanging on Lauren's shoulder. She insisted as I was all headachy and just a little wonky, even if still able to drive those northern California freeways goin' very fast. Vroom...vroom.

Tuesday August 9, 2011_Fixins for French toast...yum!! Plus some pretty cool alliteration, doncha think?

Wednesday August 10, 2011_This Great Course series is titled: 'Analysis and Critique-How to Engage and Write about Anything' and at 24 half-hour eppies, as opposed to the usual 36, was just the what amount of information well presented and very timely especially since Lauren has a five-page summer essay to write for her first class in September. The professor is Dorsey Armstrong and we both very much liked her presentation style.

Thursday August 11, 2011_Lauren, not remembering that she can once again smile after 26 months of remembering not to, got her braces off. The staff gave her a goodie bag of all those things, like popcorn and nuts and Starbusters, that she can once again eat. Smiling and Starbusters!!! what a sweet day. And, what a lovely group of ladies.

The handprints of major donors are immoralized on silicon wafers hung in a very cool display on the way out of the museum.

Friday August 12, 2011_Cindy and I took the three, Jimmy, Lauren & Paul, to the San Jose Tech Museum and had a great time. The kids on the screens, all locals, talk about the various experiments that can performed in this very large exhibition room. The museum itslef is two-stories with an IMAX screen.

Saturday August 13, 2011 Seriously, the courtyard again. What will my default photo be next time around, if there is a next time, because this simply can't go on? Purple tree smudge!!!
Posting seems wonky right now, so I'm not reediting, which I normally do several times after my initial posting because I always, then, find mistakes. Then and only then_why? PLUS first level spellchecker doesn't seem to work for me, so please ignore any mistakes.

The Flickr of Our Lives

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