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I was just realizing that...
icon words_i have seen the truth
I post random photographs of mine and insightful quotes of others and whatever on Tumblr where I am followed by like 6 people.
Why is that?
Not why am I followed by only 6 lovely people, but why do I post this stuff over there and not also over here where I do have a least a couple more friends.
I've grown lazy, only doing my 365 post and not even that in a timely manner. I just figured 'Sure, wisdom is awesome but more photography, really?'

So, a photograph I took of a downtown San Jose building.


A THOUGHT FOR TODAY from wordsmith.org

Most people are mirrors, reflecting the moods and emotions of the times; few are windows,
bringing light to bear on the dark corners where  troubles fester.
The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows
-Sydney J. Harris, journalist and author_1917-1986

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This is wonderful! Please keep posting these here. :D

You're always so encouraging, I can't tell you how I appreciate that.

I will!!

Love the angle on that shot!

I'm always telling Lauren, just look up, add a little near symmetry and...voilà!!

Beautiful shot!

I'd love for you to post here too what you usually post on Tumblr. I always enjoy your posts ♥

Thank you!!! Will do.

I love this picture, both for your signature reflection and for the almost dizzying feeling of height. FanSee

doesn't it look, at its center, that the building is bowing out toward you. Does make me feel dizzy too. And yeah...reflections :DDD

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