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365 Photography Project Forty-Sixth Post

Sunday August 21, 2011 A glimpse of Lauren as we did some final shopping for her move. I find this photo rather symbolic.

Monday August 22, 2011 Jimmy grew a sunflower from seed, protected it like it was his child and then...a squirrel got it. Of course, only thing I can think is, 'man, cool photograph!' He's now using this as his background on his laptop :D

Tuesday August 23, 2011 We to the train to San Francisco in order to see the Stein exhibit. The Stein family, not only Gertrude and Alice, collected modernist art, amassing a totally amazing collection...Matisse, Picasso, Braque, Brancusi and on and on. In the photo, it's me, then Cindy with Lauren standing next to Jimmy.

We went downtown Wednesday evening, we being Cindy, Jimmy, Lauren and I, to attend a planning commission meeting at City Hall, which is in the background while our shadows are in the foreground, for a proposed shopping center near where we live.

Wednesday August 24, 2011 In the end, the developer was required to adhere to more strigent EPA requirements. I heard them talking out in the hall and they were NOT happy, but have too much invested to allow their shopping center project to not happen, so YAY!!

Thursday August 25, 2011 It's starting to take shape. Of course, since this pic was taken three weeks ago, we have already shopped in what is now a finished store.

Friday August 26, 2011 Vita has put a brown dye on my eyebrows, which has to soa- in for awhile, so she is now next door giving Lauren her facial. While waiting, I got bored and started playing with the magnifying glass. I like how it turned the top of the painting upside down.

Saturday August 27, 2011 waiting for our restaurant to make the little red lights go round&round so we can eat dinner

The flickr of our lives
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