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365 Photography Project Forty-Seventh Post

Just playing catch-up

Sunday August 28, 2011 As we were getting ready to put the groceries in the car, I realized where, actually, the keys were and that my phone was dead and that Lauren didn't bring hers ???, so back we went into the store where they let me use their phone to call David who brought us my spare set. Geeeez.

Monday August 29, 2011 Driving in our car. Well, actually, David's car, I don't consider his Mazda my Mazda, I have one of my own :D

An overview into the lobby of the Science & Tech Museum in Golden Gate Park.

Tuesday August 30, 2011 There are a ton of butterflies in the habitat portion of the museum, these are just two of them.

Wednesday August 31, 2011 Going stealth outside the Apple Store

Thursday September 01, 2011 Yet another 'ready-for-work' photograph, probably my last for awhile.

Friday September 02, 2011 This began as just the middle portion, but was not enough for my dizzying array of magnets, so we added the top, Lauren neurotically arranged the magnets just so and bottom sections. The gecko was purchased from the science & tech museum the day before. The white paper next to the little calendar is Lauren's holidays and days off :DDD

One-half of what Lauren took to UCSC

Saturday September 03, 2011 And the other half. And this doesn't include her clothes, so...yeah.

The flickr of our lives
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