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Our Summer mission101 that isn't really

I can't imagine anything that could be more boring to my f-list then what Lauren and I did for our summer vacation, so I'm putting it under the cut because I really am just that considerate.

Movies: 33/ 38_all these are from Netflix, half DVD and half streamed.
Any in red are streamed and are still patiently awaiting our viewing pleasure
1. The Last Airbender_Lauren_I know it didn't receive the best of reviews, but I loved this, all visual visual visual
2. High Noon_Gayle_Because TommyJoe is into westerns, I thought Lauren should see my personal favorite
3. Coraline_Lauren_Tim Burton & Neil Gaiman_dark & very cool
4. My Beautiful Laundrette_Gayle_early gay movie I liked
5. Ponyo_Lauren_classic anime
6. Frank Lloyd Wright_Gayle
7. The Man Who Shit Liberty_Gayle_see above #2
8. Pixar Short Films Pt.1_Lauren
9. Herb & Dorothy_Gayle
10. Disgrace_Lauren_we're not sure we liked this, but Lauren wanted to see a John Malkovich movie
11. Megamind_Lauren
12. The Conversation_David
13. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest_Gayle plus the Psychology vids we watched
14. The Emperor’s New Groove_Gayle
15. Kronk’s New Groove_Gayle
16. My Neighbor Totoro_Lauren_see #5 above
17. Legend of the Guardians_Gayle_I bought this after we watched it, the animation is just that good
18. North by Northwest_Gayle_classic Hitchcock and Lauren had seen references to it everywhere including Family Guy
19. Wishbone_Lauren_nostalgia
20. 9_Lauren
21. Adjustment Bureau_David
22. Watercolors_Gayle_I hated this :(
23. The Scent of Green Papaya_Gayle_Lauren thought she'd hate this, but she didn't at all
24. Rango_Lauren_Love us some Johnny Depp & terrific animation
25. Love You Phillip_Gayle
26.  Kes_Gayle
27. Harry Potter mid-night show_EEEEEE!!!
28. Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill_David
29. Born in Brothels_Gayle_Documentary rec'ed by a woman in my bookclub
30. Clockwork Orange_Gayle_see #13 above
31. A Separate Peace_Both_we both read the book early in summer so...
32. Little Ashes_Gayle
33. Misery_Lauren
34. The Killing_David_classic Kubrick
35. Marathon Man_David
36. Phineas & Ferb Movie_Lauren
37. Apocalypse Now_Gayle
38. 42nd Street_Gayle
Educational DVDs_4/ 5
1. The History of English_36/ 36
2. Psychology & Human Behavior_36 36
     PLUS Consciousness and Its Implications_0/ 12
After the 3rd episode, Lauren & I looked at each other and said, 'What?' Clueless, we were absolutely clueless as to what this guy was talking about. ZOMBIES!!! We'll try this again some other time.
3. Analysis & Critique: How to Engage & Write About Anything_24/ 24
4. The Art of Reading_24/ 24
CartoonTV Series:_2/ 3
1. Merlin_26/ 26
2. Phineas & Ferb_70/ 70
3. Perfect Strangers_62/ 196_we'd already watched half that 62 number of eppies way before summer began
All 8 seasons, this show, which we both love, will be watched slowly over a long period of time :DDD
Places to Go_11/ 15
1. San Jose Museum
We've been and can always go again so...
2. Willow Glen
3. Beach w/ Hadley/ Kuntz’s 
4. Los Gatos_shopping!!
5. Hike w/ Kuntz_Hadleys
6. San Jose Pride_Aug 20-21
I looked at this list on the 22nd and said, 'Oooops'.
7. Japanese Garden
We've been and can always go again so...
8. Santa Cruz
This was Lauren & I driving over By OurSelves, never happened.
9. Harry Potter @ midnight
10. Lunch_3/ 3 with the Hadley/ Jaxons
11. SF Science Museum
12. Music of the Spheres @ Mt. Hamilton Lick Observatory
13. San Jose Tech
15. Salinas_Monterey Bay with the Hadleys
Collage Tasks _10/ 11
move-in date FRIDAY_09_16_2011
1. email/ IM Jimmy re: workshop email
            a. received
2. orientation_TUESDAY_07_19_2011 @ 8am to 5pm
3. Buy Lauren a computer
4. Call re: score on AP Lit_L get me phone#_call if haven’t heard by July 5
5. Complete dorm room list
6. Complete Summer Assignment
7. Complete PLUS_Loan App. By AUGUST 1
8. Mall_clothing
9. Order 3 posters_1/ 3
I ordered 1 for Lauren, now she has to order 2
10. Packing/_scan room
11. create 2011-2012 mission101 for Lauren & me
Summer Assignments_5/ 5
1. Print out assignment\
2. Purchase book
3. Read
4. Notes
5. Write 4 to 5 page essay
Yard Tasks_4/ 5
1. prune plum tree
I think I'll just wait until the leaves drop and have this professionally done
2. prune strawberry tree
3. prune rose tree
4. glass ball
     a. figure out how to hang
     b. hang
5. Prune blue flowers
Reading_18/ 20_Lauren
1 .A Separate Peace
2. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
3. Beggars in Spain
4. Genius 1
5. Hive 1
6. Under the Wolf, Under the Dog
7. Box Out
8. 33 Snowfish
9. Jude
10. Speak
11. Unwind
12. Nobel Genes
13. Bruiser
14. Sophomore Switch
15. I am Number Four
16. Scorch Trials
17. Little Brother
18. Gentlemen
19. Tales of the Madman UndergroundS
She got bored or ran out of time, something
20. Incognito
I rec'd this one, it's actually related to her major, so...
Thank Yous_5/ 5
First thing we did at the beginning of summer
1. Jenna
2. Barbara G.
3. Barbara P.
4. Regina
5. Lucy
Lauren’s Room_7/ 7
1. top of bed_new bedding
2. Clean under bed
3. organize bedside table
4. organize desk
5. organize bookcases
6. organize closet
     a. tall
     b. short
7. Shelving
      a. Gayle_3 above bedside table
     b. Lauren_1 above desk
Personal Tasks_
1. Banking_link L’s account to school savings checking account
3. L. general check-up_set
            a. August 1_10:30_Monday
                        i. Booster shot in one month (see G’s appointment)
4. G. general check-up_set_August 1_8:45_Monday
             a. September 1 @ lab for bone density
             b. booster for Lauren
5. L. eye exam_set_August 4_10:15_Thursday
6. G. eye exam_set_August 4_11:00_Thursday
7. Orthodontist:_5/ 5
            1. June appointment
            2. July 21 @ 11:00_Thursday
            3. August appointments
                        i. August 4 @ 2:30 Thursday appointment
                        ii. August 11 @ 11:00 Thursday appointment_braces removed
                        iii. August 15 2:30 Monday appointment
8. Lauren regular dentist
            1. set appointment_after August 11 for after August 15
                        i. August 16 @ 12:30_teeth cleaning
                        ii September 6 @ 11:30_small braces-caused cavity filled
House Task_1/ 2
1. sort games in armoir
2. Meal planner
This little thing was a BIG deal for me, a part of my setting up routines for myself

And this doesn't even include her 3-page getting ready for college list, I can honestly say, I am all shopped out.

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