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LAST POST...LAST POST...LADST POST for now_365 Photography Project _Fifty-Second & LAST Post
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Okay, I know, I never post these things this close together, but I need this to be done...so...

Sunday October 2, 2011 And who do we have here? Could it be, why yes, yes it is...Zorac the Monster Sock Doll. His right leg looked a little bumpy but I fixed that by just squeezing it after taking the pic. He was cool with it.

Monday October 3, 2011 First rain!!!

Tuesday October 4, 2011 This is just not cool. Before we were Silicon Valley, we were the Valley of Hearts Delight...seriously, because the land here is just that good. Still is, where you can find it.

Wednesday October 5, 2011 Another pic of the glass ball, which I spotted from inside the house as the sun glanced off of it, but by the time I got the camera and got out there, the sun had moved on but the rain drops remained. I'm not that choosey.

Thursday October 6, 2011 These are your typical olive trees outside my dry-cleaners with the sun coming in hard from the left. I like how this came out in b&w.

Friday October 7, 2011 These are sample pages of how I'm tracking my tasks now and on a daily basis. It doesn't look like much but works well for me. Last time, I'd set-up a too elaborate way of doing this and the system just wore me out. The newspaper just happened to be there so I included it because I liked the sound of Politics Noir plus, yeah...the contrast.

Saturday October 8, 2011 I've ended this where I began, same place as my very first photograph except things have moved around a little and this orientation is vertical instead of horizontal. That having been said...I am done :)))

the flickr of our lives

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Yay, congrats on finishing! I really like the black and white shot, and the sock doll. Aww.

thank you!!! I really like the b&w because it's a very normal place but the way the sun glares, in b&w it looks just a little fantasy/ mystical. Maybe ethereal.

WooHoo!!! Congratulations!!!

I am awesome, am I not?

Thank you!!!!

That is a super awesome sock monster.

I agree totally :) as does Lauren who I made him for.

congrats on your completing an arduous task. Not in a bad way, but arduous, never the less.

Love the doll.


thank you :) and yes, it was a little arduous, some days I just didn't want to take another photo, but this past year will be better remembered by us than any other. It's amazing what visuals can do to place you in time.

Glad you like the doll, he has quite a bit of personality.

(Deleted comment)
thank you!! You're right, it is a commitment, but I look back over the photos and I can remember so much more of our last year than I ever would have otherwise. I only wished I'd done this periodically when Lauren was young.

Congratulations! My favorite photo is the notebook and newspaper - I like the geometry and color of it. The sock monster is great! Lauren is going to love it. Someone should have stepped in on the last farmland and preserved as an park/orchard or something. That's really sad.

thank you!! and yeah, Lauren + Zorac = love
It is sad but that does apply only to Santa Clara County. We are in fact otherwise surrounded by farmland, vineyards, cow pastures etc. Still, a way of life is ending and condos will rule the day :(

The notebook is the kind I did this project for really, documentation, but with aesthetics in mind.

Thanks for your comments, I've enjoyed hearing your thoughts.

Loved these photos and I really enjoyed seeing all your photography posts throughout the year :D

I'm so glad you did!!
I enjoyed opening your email and seeing your icon of Tommy...damn!!!

Regretful Congratulations. While I can applaud your accomplishment, I have regrets that it's finished. I enjoyed your photos, and will miss not seeing any more of them.

thank you! I had no idea you were taking the time to view them. I'm doing a 2nd year, but instead of seven per week, I'll post the two or three best. I hope you'll still stop by :D

Congratulations :)

I'm gonna miss these posts though...

thank you!!

I'm still doing this, one more year anyway, just differently with only a couple, the best or most meaningful, of the photos posted each week instead of all seven. I hope you'll still stop by :D

Great pics as always!
Love the first rain and the b&w is fabulous!!!

Congrats for reaching the goal!
I've loved every single post and all the beautiful pics you took ♥

thank you so so much!! This has been very rewarding to do and if it's also been entertaining, well...win/ win. I've appreciated all your comments and hope you'll stick around for Phase II, only 3 pics per week but the highlights :D

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