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LAST POST...LAST POST...LADST POST for now_365 Photography Project _Fifty-Second & LAST Post

Okay, I know, I never post these things this close together, but I need this to be

Sunday October 2, 2011 And who do we have here? Could it be, why yes, yes it is...Zorac the Monster Sock Doll. His right leg looked a little bumpy but I fixed that by just squeezing it after taking the pic. He was cool with it.

Monday October 3, 2011 First rain!!!

Tuesday October 4, 2011 This is just not cool. Before we were Silicon Valley, we were the Valley of Hearts Delight...seriously, because the land here is just that good. Still is, where you can find it.

Wednesday October 5, 2011 Another pic of the glass ball, which I spotted from inside the house as the sun glanced off of it, but by the time I got the camera and got out there, the sun had moved on but the rain drops remained. I'm not that choosey.

Thursday October 6, 2011 These are your typical olive trees outside my dry-cleaners with the sun coming in hard from the left. I like how this came out in b&w.

Friday October 7, 2011 These are sample pages of how I'm tracking my tasks now and on a daily basis. It doesn't look like much but works well for me. Last time, I'd set-up a too elaborate way of doing this and the system just wore me out. The newspaper just happened to be there so I included it because I liked the sound of Politics Noir plus, yeah...the contrast.

Saturday October 8, 2011 I've ended this where I began, same place as my very first photograph except things have moved around a little and this orientation is vertical instead of horizontal. That having been said...I am done :)))

the flickr of our lives
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