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From change.org_When Hershey....

...refuses to buy fair trade chocolate to make its bars, Kisses, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Almond Joys, the company's decision hits children like Sikasso the hardest.

For three years, starting when he was 14, Sikasso was forced to labor alongside younger boys on a cocoa farm in West Africa and received only an overcrowded room and barely enough to eat in return. He was not allowed to go home. Sikasso was a child slave. Sikasso's experience used to be the norm in chocolate production -- but not anymore.

Every major chocolate company except Hershey has severed ties to cocoa farms that use child and forced labor. Some are even working towards being 100% fair trade.

With Halloween fast approaching, this is the time that Hershey is most likely to bend to consumer pressure. Raise the Bar, Hershey!, a coalition of advocates against child and forced labor in the cocoa industry, started a petition on calling on Hershey to commit to fair trade chocolate now.

Will you sign the petition telling Hershey to commit to buying fair trade certified chocolate?

Two million children work on cocoa farms in West Africa, according to labor advocates. Of them, over 10,000 children are modern-day slaves. As long as chocolate companies like Hershey are willing to buy chocolate produced by child and forced labor, children like Sikasso will be victimized and made slaves.

In 2001,

Hershey and every other major chocolate company -- including Mars and Nestle -- signed a voluntary protocol for child labor-free chocolate. The other companies have begun to make good on their commitments, but Hershey has stepped away from the protocol, hoping customers won't notice.

Sign the petition and show Hershey you have noticed. Tell Hershey they need to make a commitment to buying 100% fair trade cocoa now:

Thanks for being a change-maker
Amanda and the team

This issue in particular pisses me, the idea of someone else' child being made to work on a cocoa farm producing a luxury item for my child to eat is unacceptable. Lauren and I decided some time ago to only buy fair trade chocolate and with a new Whole Foods right down the road, this has become easy.  Still, if Hershey's is backtracking, they should be called on it, so maybe think about signing the petition.

Can't hurt and could maybe help because two million is a hell-of-a-lot of children working in shit conditions so our children can stuff their faces with candy.
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