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I am starting anew_365 Photography Project_Take 2_First Post
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Sunday October 9, 2011_David and I went over the hill so that we could gather up Lauren and take her to lunch on Pacific Avenue, which is one of the little main shopping districts in Santa Cruz. I of course had to take her Zorac the Monster Sock Doll who now lives happily on her bed. Little dude is just sooooooo Santa Cruz

Wednesday October 12_2011_I'd given notice @ B&N a couple of weeks prior and so, since time does indeed pass, this was my last night, my last night crew, my last photograph from this store.

Friday October 14, 2011_Cindy drove over the hill this night to bring the kids home for the first time since they'd moved away and Goldie came along for the ride. We left around 7:45pm, in order to avoid San Jose traffic going to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for their Friday night festivities, and arrived back home at 9:45pm, round trip about 2 hours so, not too bad. Lauren had a review group until 6pm which explains why we didn't leave before traffic.

the flickr of our lives

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I love that the monster sock pillow started the new 365. :)

for me, it was that Lauren started the new 365 but really...same-same :D

I am sad that it was your last night at B&N. Is another bookstore in your future?

Zorac and Lauren = OTP.

I've been there nearly 12 years and it has taken a toll on my wrists and knees. I don't want to do it anymore, it's beginning to affect the rest of my life meaning the pain used to go away between shifts but no longer does.

And yes, Lauren and Zorac are made for one another, I love thinking of him being there with her.

I love that crazy sock thing!

Fortunately, so does Lauren!!! and me, so I'm glad you do too!!

How cool is the Monster Sock doll??? I so want one!!!

Good luck for the this new project =)

the kit makes it very easy, from Barnes&Noble.

Thank you. So far, I'm liking it because it's a little more manageable, even posting is easier :)

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