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Second List_First Post_100_snapshots
icon science_astronomy
[info]mission101* task #8_[info]100_snapshots*_begin November _DONE

I begin again, only hopefully this second  list won't take me two years like the first one did.
The way it works, I can use any photographs taken since I finished that first list, meaning any I've taken since April, so as we go along, a few of you may have seen one or two of these before :D

And since there is, and will only ever be, two photographs, I forgo the cut.

Photographer: gaeln
Number of Photos: 2
Themes: 1_Wild & 2_Animated



flickr for list one & list two

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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I'm glad you do!!

There's a setting on my camera that's for night shooting, which takes 2, 3, or 4 exposures for one photograph with the idea of letting in more light, but in daylight, if there's movement, it captures that. I discovered its ability to do this accidentally and I'm glad I did. It's fun to work with.

I remember the second one!!!!
And just like the first time time, I find it extremely cool!

(please tell me that I have a good memory)

I love your icon. Where did you get it or did you make it yourself?


It's made by recycle. Take a look at the community, you'll find awesome icons =)

I got the credit and found the icons

Where does the credit go, in tags or in memo or whatever it is called for the icon. I have put it both places so as not to miss giving credit.


Re: I got the credit and found the icons

When you upload a userpic, you have the possibility to write a Keywords and a Comment.

In the comment you can credit the artist.
You just have to write <*lj user="here you put the name of the artist"*>

(remove the * x 2)

Re: I got the credit and found the icons

thanks pam81.

Sweetie, you have a great memory because I posted that first one waaaaaay back in June, it's Lauren's high school graduation day :D

I like 'extremely cool', very much.

Love the dissolve. I adore them and grabbed as many as I could when doing screen grabs from QAF episodes.


It's the layering, I love when one thing seems ethereal, as you say, like it's dissolving into something else :D

he's about to disappear, scamper-y little dude.

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