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Is it that time of the week again? apparently so :)

Photographer: gaeln
Number of Photos: 2
Themes: 16_Lush & 48_Hard



flickr has all the rest

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Beautiful pics hon!
I love Autumn's colors! That tree is really amazing.

Cool photo for 'hard'

Thanks for sharing =)

thank you!!!, and actually, the colors of that tree blow me away every time I walk out of the house, it's always like...whoa!!

cool icon BTW if I haven't mentioned it already :)

That second one is really striking, with the texture and the vivid blue sky.

the second is the kind I really like best, all pattern and texture and stark, glad you like it too.

I like how the green in the first one leads the eye up the trunk to the explosion of cranberry-colored foliage.

I composed it well, you're saying. I'm glad!!! I'll have to take a photo from that same angle once all the leaves have gone.

(Deleted comment)
this one is refusing to lose its leaves, I think because it knows that I'm going to have it pruned when it does, so its taunting me by losing a few, then losing a few more, but never them all :D

thank you!!!

and nice to see you around :)

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