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365 Photography Project_Take 2_Sixth Post
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Sunday November 13, 2011_Lauren was home for the holiday so, naturally, we shopped at Whole Foods where she bought, and spent an inordinate amount of time de-seeding, a pomegranate. The seeds when sprinkled with just a little sugar are so good.

Wednesday November 16, 2011_ Three generations_the bronze shoes are Lauren's, the buckle shoes are mine, and the button shoe is my dad's.

Saturday November 19, 2011_For the past year & a half or so, David has had this real thing about deep dish pizza. Apparently, when he and Lauren went to Florida during the summer of 2010, they ate at an Uno's and he needs to find a pizza here to equal that experience, which, also apparently, was THE BEST ever. We even went allllllll the way to our closest Uno's which is Lafayette which is NOT NOT NOT close, like 90 minutes away. Someone at work told him that there was a place in San Ramon, a mere 60 minutes away, that equaled Uno's called Zachery's. Sadly, it doesn't to our mind anyway, so the quest continues since I told him I am NOT returning to Lafayette for a freakin' piece of deep dish pizza. Am not. Oh and we have tried making an Uno's-esque pizza at home with disappointing results. It's all in the crust, man.

the flickr of our lives

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you're right, thin crust does reign supreme around here. One good place David and I both like is BJ's, I think that's the name, next to P. F. Changs. They have very good deep dish and I'm like your mom, I prefer thin crust :D

Pomegranate!!! Yummy!

The pic of the shoes is so cool!

Pizza! Wow! 90 minutes?
One day I'll invite you to eat my homemade pizza ;)

Thanks for sharing hon ♥

'Pomegranate!!! Yummy!'

'The pic of the shoes is so cool!'
The pic came out nice but the beauty is in the subject matter :)

'One day I'll invite you to eat my homemade pizza ;)'
I'm holding you this :D

I love the baby shoes all together. That's such a beautiful image.
I've eaten at many Uno's. It gets old. Lol

thank you!!! I was pleased with the way that photo came out.

I'll have to tell David, I'm not sure he'll buy it :D

My favorite pic has to be the shoes. Hands down! Not only does it show it's multigenerations but there's also a bit of fashion history in there, too! :D

90 minutes for pizza.

Man, that's dedication!

I know Mom and Dad used to drive all the way out to Henderson, Louisiana for their anniversary. They have some of the best seafood restaurants around. Henderson is about 70 miles from here so it's a drive, too.

As to trying to find a great pizza place, I wish you luck. We've been trying to find a decent Chinese/Asian food place since we left California fifteen years ago. Our favorite place was called Pagoda out of Fontana, California. It's closed now from what Dad's old friends tell us, but God they had the best egg rolls. They made it in some kind of spring roll wrapper. And the lo mein was to die for!

Maybe you could treat your Great Pizza Place Search as part of your 365 if you continue next year? You know -- visit the place, take a couple of pics, write a review type thing.

Then again, I love food pr0n pics.

It's all in the crust, man.

ITA! My sister makes the best pizza. She makes it from scratch and then uses a pizza stone so it's crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.

I've never heard of Uno, but I'm wondering if the difference in taste between your Uno and the one in Florida isn't the water though. I mean restaurant chains tend to try to cut down on variables as much as possible so every place gets the same taste because they all use the same crust mix, sauce, and ingredients in their shipment. The only differences are going to be the water used, human error, and maybe the freshness of the toppings -- particularly the veg -- depending on where they were grown.

There's also a chance that the taste difference is intentional. I mean tastes on one coast don't always match that of another. I know in the northeast, it's not uncommon to find raw onion in salads. Down here, that's just not done.

I actually do have photos of Lauren wearing her tennies before they were bronzed, it's interesting to me how mine and my dad's are all that different but her bright primary colored ones are very different.

I like your idea of adding this to my 365, actually I kind of did because as we were leaving for San Ramon, I grabbed my camera telling David that if I was going all that way I was at least getting my photo of the day out of it. He smiled.

I envy your sister knowing how to make her own, we have tried and while Lauren and I have been very satisfied with the results, David hasn't been. And it's not so much that the Uno's here is different than the one in Florida taste-wise, it's just that the one here is even farther away than the place we tried in San Ramon. San Ramon is about 55 minutes from San Jose while Lafayette, where Uno's is, is about 90 minutes. I told him I'm not making that drive again for a piece of pizza, so the search continues closer to home.

Although you are most definitely right about local variables and varying tastes. Here, raw onions are almost always included in salads unlike where you are. And -- brag brag -- we have terrific Chinese and Japanese food probably because alot of people from those parts of the world settled here.

A bit of trivia_my parents first home was in Fontana, they adored it but left there for San Diego before I was born.

Wow, love the three generations of shoes.

It is pretty special, I love the connection and changing fashions :D

Pomegranates win the high maintenance award of the fruit world. I love them, but rarely buy them because of all the work.

The shoes are wonderful.

Take Dave to Gino's East in Chicago for deep dish pizza. The crust is polenta based and though I would take a NY slice any day over a chicago deep dish, Gino's is definitely delicous.

I can't tell you how much other things I got done while she was still do the seed but she likes doing that, she says it soothes her.

the shoes are wonderful, aren't they.

Next time we're in Chicago, I'll definitely take David to Gino's!!

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