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365 Photography Project_Take 2_Eighth Post
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Sunday November 27, 2011_ two of the fog, one in each direction, first toward the hills, second toward the mountains.

Wednesday November 30, 2011_Finishing off my errands with a stop at Starbucks for coffeecake, in the bag, and iced green tea sweetened, being prepared.

December 01, 2011_November reading & vids_much Joseph Campbell by vid, continuing my Harry Potter read-athon with book 4, rewatching Building Better Sentences and getting so much more out of it this time around, and completing the Beggars in Spain trilogy, which was most excellent.

the flickr of our lives

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I love the fog pics. Just love them.

I drove through fog yesterday morning to class and wished I'd been able to stop and take pics. It was gone by the time class was over two hours later.

It's really weird, just got tiny blue square which means pic won't show up and then, now, they are all there. Maybe I made them junk mail by accident. Bummer and Hooray!!! I can see them.


Edited at 2011-12-04 09:26 pm (UTC)

I so glad you liked them and it was same with this fog as with yours, only a half an hour later it was gone. I've learned from past experience that when I go out to get the newspaper, if it's pretty, I have to run back in and get the camera right then, otherwise, I'll lose out.

Glad the pics weren't gone forever!

(Deleted comment)
It was, but if I'm not going anywhere, I rather like it although today was pretty nice too.

I take the Starbucks home and it's my relaxing time :D

(Deleted comment)
'I love the foggy photos! '
Me too!!! and your icon is perfect.

'Thanks for sharing your daily pics. :-D'
always my pleasure.

I have noticed a lack of fog recently and found myself wishing for it.

Your HP book looks like my books, tattered, torn. I recently asked a hotel receptionist for some tape so I could tape the back cover back on to one of the books I was carrying around.

'I have noticed a lack of fog recently and found myself wishing for it. '
I'm sorry, that's completely not good. We have only a few days each year, not many, and I appreciate every one.

The book is Lauren's and she rereads and rereads and rereads, makes notes, cites favorite pages, making each book her own. I love the idea of you needing tape for book-binding.

Is it just me or do you travel a lot?

I suffer from the wander lust.

Love those foggy shots -- almost otherworldly.

We have only a few foggy days, but I totally appreciate them for that very reason, otherworldly is right.

Damn!fog! I hate it! But the pics are really good!

Starbucks!!! *iz jealous*
Can you believe that we don't have any Starbucks in Italy?????

Great pics as always hon ♥

I readily admit that I love fog, but probably because we have very little of it and it doesn't last long into the day.

'Can you believe that we don't have any Starbucks in Italy?????'

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