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Monday December 5, 2011_Fall color_On the first photo, I used a setting that allows me to take 3 to 4 shots in rapid succession, which I use to capture movement. The second photo shows the difference in color between three of the same kind of tree, all are Liquid Ambers, located very near to each other, one is very yellow, one is much more orange and one, in the first photo, the tree that can be seen in the background, is still green.

Santa Cruz_The tile was just there.

San Jose
Wednesday December 7, 2011_two tiles coincidence_the first photo of the cat tile was taken by Lauren on the Santa Cruz campus several weeks ago AND the second cat tile was recognized by her, I took the photo, in the window of our little across-the-street mall.

Friday December 9, 2011_shopping at Macys_I just thought the little display dress was cute.

the flickr of our lives

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Those cat tile coincidences are wild.

I love that Macy's display -- very eye-catching.

It is an amazing coincidence and one I never would have noticed if Lauren hadn't been with me.

And it is eye-catching, isn't it? and it was tucked back by the bathrooms. That little pile of 3 boxes are placed all over the store, I love holiday decorations!!

Ah, the fall colors! Beautiful.

thought of you even as I took them :D

Do you now own a cat tile?? You must adopt one. The signs, they are all there.

the signs are all there, aren't they? Confession though, I don't really find them all that attractive, so...yeah. Still, is something to think about.

You're right! That display dress is very cool!!!

The two pics of the cat tile made me smile.
What a coincidence ;)

The fall colors are amazing ♥

thank you for all your lovely comments :)

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