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365 Photography Project_Take 2_Tenth Post_late...late...late AGAIN!!
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Tuesday December 13, 2011_Tree outside of Macys, I went out of my way not to photography anyone's kids who are lined up just outside the photo waiting on Santa.

Friday December 16, 2011_Two aspects of the Crocker Museum. First: exterior of the new building & Second: interior of old building, connected by a cat-walk. Crocker was one of what is called The Big Four in California history which also includes.Stanford of Stanford University, Huntington of the Huntington Library and Hopkins of Mark Hopkins Hospital. Crocker is of Crocker Bank. They were the chief builders of the Central Pacific Railroad, which made them rich beyond rich.

Saturday December 17, 2011_First: Capitol Building & Second: The Governor's Mansion in Sacramento CA, our state's capitol. Lauren's wondering around somewhere behind me while David stands smiling in front. Our unintentional timing was such that we were able to hear lovely holiday music performed in the rotunda by a flute ensemble..

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Pretty Xmas trees! I like your holiday layout too.

They are pretty trees and in such different places.

Thank you, I've been using this layout for four or five years now. It always makes me happy to see it again, like finding an old friend.

Thank you for sharing the pics of your lovely holiday tour! I love when something can be timed with a surprise -- like your spontaneous concert moment. :D

That spontaneous moment worked out so well and we got to see so many Sacramento families all dressed up in their holiday finery. Glad you enjoyed :D

(Deleted comment)
it was perfect, all these Sacramento families dressed in their holiday best, regulars obviously, coming to listen very nice.

And thank you!

Love both trees!!!

Lovely pics, thanks for sharing hon!

The outside of the Crocker building and the second governor building are my favorites.

The Crocker Museum is very cool because it's a very modern addition connected to a very old mansion by a cat-walk, the difference when you pass from one to the other is amazing, from very sleek to very ornate and back again and they carried that theme through with the art as well.

The Governor's Mansion is such a fun building, it was interesting to see how the personality of each governor, and most especially each one's wife, is imprinted on the place with some changes producing disastrous results, I think. And so did the old guy who gave us the tour :D

old tour guides with quirky personalities are my favorites.

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