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Second List_Ninth Post_100_snapshots
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Number of Photos: 2
Themes:  5_Trajectory, 49_Edge



flickr has all the rest

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Both pics are so creative and so interesting!

thank you, I so appreciate your comment :D and Happy New Year!!

Good choices for the prompts you had!

Cool pics thanks for sharing =)

glad you think so, thanks for stopping by :)

Aww are those seals? They look so cute! (And comfy/lazy lounging there!)

they are seals and they were amazingly comfy, all piled on top of each other sleeping in the sun. I was just a little envious.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you, it was taken off the side of the Santa Cruz pier, a whole pile of seals just warming themselves in the sun :))

Love these!

Happy early birthday to you. :-)

I'm glad you enjoy and thank you!!!

Both are good, but Edge is awesome!

Everyone likes Edge, so naturally, I like Trajectory best. Go figure :)

Edge is so edge though!

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