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Dearest F-list...

Firstly, of course, I want to wish everyone THE most happiest of new years EVER!!!
Here's to being purposeful and creative, involved and united.
Here's to doing what we can to better this world.


Secondly, on a more personal note,
I want to thank everyone who so kindly thought of me during this holiday season,
which, happily for me, also includes my birthday,
with lovely e-cards, messages, birthday shout-outs, and holiday cards via the mail.

You guys seriously SERIOUSLY rock my world!!!

Thanks for reminding me why I'm here and
for reminding me why LiveJournal, of all other sites, most especially matters to me.

As usual, I'm behind on my f-list and on my email, I even need to post my 365 for yesterday and where is that mission101 3-month update I've been planning on doing for the past two weeks?
Where does the time go???
Hopefully, by the end of today, I'll have my act together, it's a drag starting out already behind :DD

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