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365 Photography Project_Take 2_Thirteenth Post
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Sunday January 1, 2012_Happy New Years!!!!! a week ago!!!

Friday January 5, 2012_Two views of the San Jose Car Show. Before the car show, we also did dinner downtown, at the Eulipia Cafe -- delicious -- thereby making a night of it :DD

Saturday January 6, 2012_After a totally wonderful month at home, it was time to take Lauren, and Jimmy, back to UCSanta Cruz, they needed today to re-acclimate and to find their classes for the new trimester which begins tomorrow. The painting of Mr. Harrison is on one of her dorm's stairwell walls.

the flickr of our lives

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Amazing, only a week ago. Wow!!!!!


I know, time flies :DD

The artwork on the dorm wall is amazing.

I hope this semester goes smoothly for the kids.

The stairwell walls of Lauren's dorm are covered with artwork, but this one is my favorite and thanks, I think this should be a good semester for both of Lauren and Jimmy.

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I'm so glad, I adore it. I rarely stage a shot, but when we walked into her dorm building I knew just what my pic-of-the-day would be!

(Deleted comment)
nope, all was just serendipity!

(Deleted comment)
The colors Lauren is wearing match the mural. I love it.

it worked out really well, didn't it? As I was taking it, I pointed out to her that the paper on the other wall even matched :D

Great pics as always! Love the last one with Laureen! Really cool!

thank you!! I also love that last one of Lauren, it did come out cool :D

Thanks for stopping by!

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