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Mine and Lauren's December mission101

1_Weekend in Sacramen_Crocker Museum_Capitol Building_Governor's Mansion_Old Town
2_Day in San Francisco_Weinstein Gallery: Surrealism: New Worlds & dinner at Fisherman's Wharf
          This gallery is like a little museum with 3 floors of gallery space located across from Union Square
3_Day in  Mountain View_Computer History Museum
4_Dinner_Combined Cindy & Gayle birthdays at Red Lobster...nom nom nom
5_ A Christmas Carol @ the Rep & dinner at PF Changs
6. San Jose Car Show & dinner @ Eulipia Cafe

1_Pick one/ more than one Mercury News WishBook participant(s)
          This is something our newspaper does where a few times a week throughout December stories are published about local people who have fallen, for many different reasons, on hard times with a request for donations for generallly very specific reasons.
2_Buy food to donate at Luckys 3 times
          Luckys put their food collection barrels at the exit door and so, we just kept forgetting :(
3_December_Donor’s Choose_Pick a classroom
          We picked a classroom where the teacher needed materials to create posters to display around their school encouraging recycling.
4_Create Christmas ornaments_3/ 3
5_Christmas cards_Livejournal friends_RL friends

VIEWING_TV or DVDs_8/ 10
1_Harry Potter marathon_8/ 8_So so so cool!!!
2_Clockwork Orange_Instant Play
3_One Flew Over the Cuckoo ’s Nest_Instant Play

4_Cowboys and Aliens_On Demand
5_Merlin_S3_13/ 13
          This was a lovely surprise as we didn't know the 3rd season was on Instant Play until after Lauren had come home.
6_Sense & Sensibility_Instat_Alan Rickman!!!!!
7_The Help_DVD
8_Silence of the Lambs_OnDemand
10_Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol_Lauren_movie theater with dad

1_Remove snake plants from 2 pots
          This was hard as those plants had lived within their pots for probably 15 years and were in no mood to leave them, but, we prevailed!!!
2_Plant 2 new plants into snake plants’ containers

BUY_8/ 9
1_Lauren jeans_2
2_Harry Potter Lego DS game
4_Hallway bathroom light fixture
5_hardware for cabinet
6_David Christmas stuff
7_potting soil for plants
8_Grandma Lucy & Elba_Lucy_Robe-Lucy & Elba_Harry & David candy_nom nom nom I have to assume :D
9_David Manicure Kit

TASKS_6/ 6
1-Bank_billing checking account
2_Friday December 23rd @11:30am_Nails
3_Tuesday December 27th @ 9:30pm_Dentist
4_ Tuesday December 27 @ 11:00_facial/ brows
5_Wednesday December 28 @ 10:30_Hair
6_Aaron Brothers
          Gayle's Miro print
          Lauren's Harry Potter print

During all this, Lauren was fairly sick for a week and a half, which allowed us the time for a lot of the TV and movie viewing. Her last full day here, she and I watched 'Sense & Sensability' and 'The Help' while munching on treats and drinking tea from an honest and truely tea pot, which she'd wanted us to find from the first day she's come home and which we finally did find on her second to last day here.

And, since he also had a month off, David decided to buy new office furniture and to move his office, at my suggestion, from the bedroom it currents occipies to the hardly-ever-used 'living room'. Some of you may remember this as the staging area for Lauren's dorm things before she left for UCSanta Cruz. The plan is to turn the bedroom into a work area for me with a bed, making it a kind of guestroom as well, which we've never had. Photos to come should this project ever actually get completed.

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