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365 Photography Project_Take 2_Fourteenth Post
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Sunday January 8, 2012_December books & vids_6 Harry Potter movies, including 7A from Netflix, plus 2 Harry Potters books, Order of the Phoenix & The Half-Blood Prince, plus 1 Great Courses DVD-set The History of the English Language plus 1 book on the same subject plus my bookclub book Little Bees.

Tuesday January 10, 2012_Lazy guy

Friday January 13, 2012_Cindy, Lauren, and Jimmy, and well, me too, at the Fungus Fair in Santa Cruz, which I plan on posting about in more detail tomorrow you lucky lucky people ;D

the flickr of our lives

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Awwww such a cute little squirrel :)

I know, right? Although the people in the last photo are pretty darn cute too ;D

Wonderful pics, number two is just sooooo cute. :)

and here I thought it would be the fungus fair that got people's attention, not some adorable little squirrel :DD

That squirrel pic is adorable.

Looking forward to reading about a Fungus Fair.

He's is pretty cute considering he's vermin according to some, not me, but some. To me, he and his kind are pure entertainment.

I'm glad you're looking forward to my fungus fair photos, probably tomorrow, but maybe today, could happen :DD

LOL at the squirrel! What a great pose you caught it in.

He remained that way for a very long time thereby making me very jealous, such a life.

Brilliant, the squirrel is fantastic! :)

glad you like, I thought the photo came out pretty well considering I was shooting through a window and its screen. Little dude never moved :)

Lol! I feel like that squirrel today. :)

I seriously know just what you mean :D

Yeah for HP ♥

Look at that adorable squirrel!!! So cute! What a cool pic.

I made HP a part of my mission101, one task was to reread all of the books, which I have done and to rewatch all the movies, which I also have done with Lauren over her Christmas vacation, so...yay!!!

he is seriously cute, I have to agree and lazy, he stayed there just like that forever.

That squirrel! I want to squish him. :)

so did the neighbor's cat :))

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