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I think I'll do the WIP meme, I have four

These are part of a universe of my own making, not QAF, not Lambliff. There are 5 so far, one is done but not posted.
First: My music surrounds me, separates me, lives only in me and is, in just this moment, my most trusted and constant companion, that and the book I’m reading.

Second: I don’t know which surprises me more, that she actually is somewhere in this huge downtown mall or that she apparently is allowing me to come to her because, rather annoyingly, I normally only feel her leaving me.

Since it’s Thursday night and the bar isn’t too crowded, we’re able to find a secluded corner, furnished comfortably with plump sofas and oversized chairs, away from the main seating area that, at least for the next couple of hours, we can call our own.

How much longer can you stay there all hunched into yourself? It’s freezing out, but still you sit, ass on the cold stone steps that lead up to your pied-a-terre, knees hugged tight to your body, your head down like trying to protect yourself from the wet winter wind, while I sit safe and warm in Kelly’s Diner just across the street.


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