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Second List_Fourteenth Post_100_snapshots
icon science_astronomy
Number of photos: 2
Themes: 7_Treasure & 52_Notice



flickr has all the rest

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I love the "treasure" on so many levels!

it's all about the subject matter :DD

The treasure pic is perfect ♥

I think its more the subject matter than the actually pic, but thank you!!

I agree with the others, the "treasure" pic is lovely. ♥

thank you!! I wanted it to look old-fashioned, in keeping with Lauren's card. I think it worked :)

That "treasure" pic is awesome on many levels.

thank you! Lauren's Mother's Day to me card resides on the table next to my bed, the photograph was taken on its coverlet as I wanted it to look old-fashioned. I think I succeeded :)

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