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365 Photography Project_Take 2_Seventeenth Post

Sunday January 29, 2012_Remodel of 3rd bedroom, we have it nearly done and I plan on doing a little photo spread, later this coming week, showing both the befores and afters of this room and the livingroom that was also impacted by the remodel.

Saturday February 04, 2012_Parents Day at UCSanta Cruz Crown & Merrill colleges

There was a drumming, dancing & puppet show, presented by students studying the culture of the island of Java, specifically West Java. The photo to the right, if clicked, shows their instruments in more detail. In these two photos, they are only setting up to play. The lady to the left in the left photo is the Provost of Merrell and actually performed the puppet show which depicted just a small part of one of West Java's legends. Unfortunately, I wasn't really able to get good photos of the dancing or puppet show. Also, I love the mirror ball from the flagged ceiling.

View from Cowell College's dining hall, one of several which stay open on weekends.

A strike is being called for March 1 to protest higher tuition costs :)))
After Parent's Day ended, we, David, Lauren, and I, left campus, going to Pacific Avenue for dinner passing both this beautiful theatre, The Del Mar, and this street band during our stroll after we'd finished eating.

the flickr of our lives

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