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Second List_Fifteenth Post_100_snapshots
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35_Free_Free public toilets in San Jose & also the Farmers Market it advertises

flickr has all the rest

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The first one is a little bit... sad? Don't know why...

The public toilets are really cool!

Thanks for sharing =)

she only looks alone, there were several others spread around under the boardwalk in groups.

they are cool, and self-cleaning once the user leaves.

Interesting toilet set up. I've never seen anything exactly like that.

I've never used one, but from what I'm told, they completely wash themselves once you leave.

Aw, the little sea lion! *pets*

they are so sweet until they open their mouths and that croaking bark sounds forth. What a disconnect, still, I adore them.

Did the seal lion perch there at high tide? Or did he jump up?

I didn't see his actual ascent, so I couldn't say, but there were a number of them up there, obviously a regular gathering place. I think more he climbed than jumped , I doubt high tide would have been enough to allow them access. That doesn't help much, does it?

I didn't know seals could climb. Walk up ramps, yes. But climb?

there is an adjacent staircase, the one we used to get down below the boardwalk so maybe...?

I love that first one.

The toilets look clean and well maintained.

I love sea lions, they're so Zen really.

The toilets are great, the interiors are self-cleaning once the occupant leaves and the city does a nice job keeping up the exteriors :D

Sea lion? FanSee, not so good with the wild life.

are you not seeing the sea lion, all curled up against the post?

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