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Second List_Sixteenth Post_100_snapshots

I'm so terribly behind on absolutely everything, this should have been posted last Wednesday, I haven't checked in on my f-list in well over a week, I haven't checked my email in well over a week, which terrifies me just a little, and I have like three, maybe even four, other posts I want to do.
OhMyGosh!!!     OhMyGosh!!!     OhMyGosh!!!

So, to at least start, I present the simplest.

Number of photos: 2
Themes: 84_Hole & 92_Drive


92_Drive_I held the camera back between the passenger's and driver's seats facing forward or Lauren took the photo from the backseat, whatever works best. I like how the GPS, showing the Sirius dog, can be seen.

flickr has all the rest

Tags: personal_photography_100 snapshots_2nd
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