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Second List_Twentieth Post_100_snapshots
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Number of photos: 2
Themes: 60_Up & 63_Zen



flickr has all the rest

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With certain photos, like Zen, I'm never sure if others will see in it what I do, so I'm glad!!

Ah - love those. The cat is just perfect and the water - wow, I could stare at it for hours. :)

thank you!!

the neighbor's kitty is a favorite of mine, has been in a few of my photos before and I really like the water photo too, the ocean is definitely my Zen place.

Both of these pics are fabulous! I love the cat's surprising location and the water really is zen.

thank you so much, that cat has starred in a number of my photos, I love that cat and I agree, the ocean has always been Zen for me, so calming.

Love them both.

Is that your cat?

I'm glad.

and no, the cat belongs to the across-the-street neighbor who own the house he/ she is sitting on.

(Deleted comment)
it's taken off the boardwalk in Santa Cruz, always such a nice place to be./ spring person here :D

These two pics are great. Love the cat in the v of the roof and the water is gorgeous and creative.

Good stuff, Gaeln.


thank you so much, sweetie. The kitty has shown up in several photos of mine, he/ she belongs to our neighbor and ocean photo is from Santa Cruz.

Thank you!!

Is that the same kitty from the fence a while back?

Love Zen, love it.

it is!! Kitty gets around.

Thank you!

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