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365 Photography Project_Take 2_Twenty-Third Post
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Sunday March 11, 2012_Santa Cruz coast. We drove over the hill to have lunch with Lauren and ending up getting coastal, this little path wound its way through the brushy landscape.

Monday March 12, 2012_Ohmygod, can you stand the excitement!!??!! The shiny copper pipes replace euwwww-ey galvanized pipes that had been improperly installed yeeeeears ago, so that we could replace our 1997 water heater, which leaked, with a brand new model, which doesn't. Isn't it pretty?? And yes, it has been wrapped in insulation since this photo was taken

I need to get a life.

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I do like to look at the pics of the great outdoors. Landscapes like that always give me a calm, peaceful feeling.

'Landscapes like that always give me a calm, peaceful feeling.'

I agree!!

thank you, it doesn't have the drama of some coastal areas, but it's subtle colors and textures intrigue me :)

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thought you, especially, would enjoy :D

if you think that's exciting, we have since added...wait for it...A WATER SOFTENER TO IT!!! Seriously.

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'*spits out coffee* ROFL...you just made my day!!!'

I do what I can :DD

Looks like a great place for lunch and a walk.

Yay for new hot water service.

it is and fortunately most of it is a preserve!!

We've since added a water softener to it and are enjoying that very much :D

I love the first pic - all the textures and shades of green and grey.

that's what I love too, so many soft and subtle shades, all rough texture with the gently rolling hills way in the background. Pretty California :D

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