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Another Two in One
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365 Photography Project_Take 2_Twenty-Fourth Post
Saturday March 24, 2012_Since Lauren would be home for spring break, David got us tickets for the Kevin James & Ray Romano comedy concert at Flint Center in Cupertino. It was a sold out show, this was taken when we first arrived, they were, separately and together, amazingly funny but, unfortunately, since there was no photography allowed during the show, I didn't get a shot of them on stage.

the flickr of our lives

Second List_Twenty-Second Post_[info]100_snapshots*
Number of photos: 2
Themes: 17_Tangled & 61_Last


61_Last_And why, you may ask, is this 'Last'? Because this lovely print is the very last thing I see before turning off my bedside table lamp

flickr has all the rest

And let me just say that Livejournal's new batch image loader is not only overdue, but wonderful. Thank you!!!

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I hope the comedy night was great! I'm envious. :D

it was wonderful, both men seemed at their ease and the audience, which varied widely in age, was very responsive. Each did their own set and then ended with a short set together. If they do come to a town near you, I'd recommend going.

Ooh, that is a gorgeous print. Like the black and white shot too.

a beautiful man in a dynamic pose with the swirling universe above him in soft harmonious colors, what is there not to love!??!

Thank you, I really like working in black&white, but I rarely remember to. I'm glad I did this day as the sun's position made the lighting just perfect.

Lovely photos, lovely. Evocative. What an interesting looking theater. So curved and yet rectangular, too. Good acoustics, I bet.

Tangled, for sure.

I love the print. Who did it? It's lovely.

All a feeling of beauty in their own ways.


You're right, the design of the theater, which is actually fairly small, is all designed to provide excellent acoustics and it looks great too.

Unfortunately, I don't know who did the print, I just love the dynamic pose of the man with the universe, but most especially Saturn, spiraling above him.

'All a feeling of beauty in their own ways.'
thank you :D

I love the picture of the auditorium as it begins to fill. Such a feeling of futurity about it.

I also like the many shades of grey in Tangled. FanSee

It was very cool until David pointed out that at 5 minutes until showtime, there were still way too many empty seats. We got nervous the show hadn't sold well, but then...BAM, everyone finally showed up. Great relief.

I love b&w, especially when you have really nice lighting...like a perfectly positioned sun :DD

That's a great last image to see before sinking into slumber. I love it.

he is very well placed, with intention. I'm glad you share my enthusiasm :D

I love the pictures. I look forward to seeing what pictures you will post next. I hope you are doing well. Thanks for sharing.


I know, isn't he beautiful? I'm sure there will always be more photos to post, just like there will always be more movies to make. I'm doing well and am glad you are also.

Would have loved to have seen that show, lucky you. :)

Great pics as always.

the show was terrific, hopefully you have the chance one day!!

and thanks :)

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