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Dribs & Drabs about my mission101
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Since I only give myself one year to complete my 101 tasks, at the end of March, I was half way done time-wise, which seemed a nice time to reevaluate my progress.

So far, I have three FAILS, but instead of leaving them as such, I've decided to change them to something hopefully doable.


10_Photography class
          Purchased a 3 hour class @ Citizen Space-San Jose from AmazonLocal
is a FAIL because I actually forgot to go...seriously.
It now is:
10_Read AND UNDERSTAND!!! the manual for my new-ish Nikon Coolpix L120
Should be helpful.
97_Weight Lose_4 times per month @ Right Stuff
Joining was Lauren's big idea and when she left me, well, I lost ALL my incentive, my problem not hers, still a BIG FAIL, soooo,
It now is:
97_Find an exercise program or two on OnDemand and participate two times per week_0/ 50

99_FreePoverty (water)_50,000 cups
I like these online charity game sites. I was really enjoying this one, I was actually learning geography stuff, but this became a FAIL when the site people changed the game to watching videos. It's a good deal, but not what I want to do.
It now is:
99_Charitii's crossword puzzle_50,000 square inches of rainforest for The Nature Conservancy.
I have no idea how much acreage that is or how much I can do in six months, but it's a start and they have a few other charities you can play for.

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Have you tried joining SparkPeople.com? It's a totally free website that helps you track what you eat, your weight loss, and your exercise. It can also design eating and exercise plans for you. I've found it to be tremendously helpful to me.

As far as videos go, I've been using SparkPeople's 28 day boot camp and Leslie Sansone's Walk Slim. Both are excellent.

The first one offers different ability levels depending on how fit or out of shape you are. The only downside is that some of the exercises require hand/foot coordination or are a little rough on the knees to I have to put in my own alternatives while that portion is ongoing.

The second one is low-impact and easy to get into regardless of ability level.

Both of them will have you dripping sweat though!

thank you so much for this very helpful information. I will definitely check-out the website and the vids., if they've been helpful to you, they should work well for me too!!

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