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Second List_Twenty-Fourth Post_100_snapshots
icon science_astronomy
Number of photos: 2
Themes: 27_Family & 47_Whirl

27_Family_This is one some of you have seen before


flickr has all the rest

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I don't remember the first one, but I love the interesting effect.

it was a two-parter for my first 365 project. I took a photograph while walking ahead of them and then they breezed by me and I took this one of them, before and after. The effect is just our yellow street lights. What I like, not planned, is how the fore and back ground are blurred while the middle ground like the tree is in focus, which gives it a strange sort of depth.

thanks for commenting, I always appreciate you view.

If I saw Family before, I don't remember it...and I think I would. I like it muchly. FanSee

it was part of my 365 photo project the first time, this was the second of two photos, the first was the same scene but they were behind me, but I was walking too slowly so they breezed by me, pushy people :D

I remember family - I'm a fan of yellow street lights.

About 80% of the second photo isn't showing up. This happened once before in your post. Not sure how to fix it.

I like the lights too, they give an errie light and protect the Lick Observatory so win/ win.

I deleted the photo and re-uploaded it. Can you check for me? not that it much matters any more, still...because for me, on my journal, it looks just fine. Before, I think I was just being stupid and had uploaded a gif, this is a JPG and should be fine :((

Oh I am a bad, bad commenter.

I never checked for you! For what it is worth, now it's showing. *runs away in shame*

you never checked for me??!!? do I not just show up in your email like you do in mine?

Not sure if I have seen the first one before, but it's wonderful!

Only a small part of the second one shows up for me.

the first was part of my original 365 Photo Project, so it was awhile ago.

'Only a small part of the second one shows up for me.'
:(( I don't know why as I am getting it all. It's just a whirl of colors, the kind of thing I like but not a true image anyway.

I deleted and reloaded it, so...oh good!!

(Deleted comment)
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