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Second List_Twenty-Fifth Post_100_snapshots
icon science_astronomy
Number of photos: 2
Themes: 24_Texture & 68_Old


68_Old_Coins collected mostly by my father, there a couple pretend 'old' ones I added in.

flickr has all the rest

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I'm loving your pics and haven't had time to write. I'm in two classes right now.

Writing classes and limited to two hours a day on the computer. I'll go back and look and comment, Gayle.


'I'm loving your pics and haven't had time to write.'
never a problem, RL is most important and deserves your focus. I'm glad you're in two writing classes, I hope you're enjoying them both.

I love your interpretation of "texture". Great idea and interesting angle!

the building, San Jose's City Hall, is nothing but texture, layer over layer of mesh, girders and glass, very cool. It's funny but I often find myself on my knees at the base of architecturally interesting buildings. People must think me weird ;D

I am so sorry I've missed so many posts...
RL has been so busy and crazy.
But it seems I'm finally more 'free' to spend time here on LJ.

I really like both pics, and especially the first one.
Cool interpretation!

never apologize, RL matters, but I am glad you finally will have more free time for LJ!!

I'm glad you like both photos, thanks for stopping by :D

(Deleted comment)
it is a cool building, San Jose's City Hall.
I think maybe everyone's dad collections coins, which is kind of cool.

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it :)

(Deleted comment)
It's very cool that you have your grandparents' old coin collection and whether or not it has much monetary value, it certainly has sentimental value and that's awesome in and of itself.

Thanks for stopping by

Texture: More architecture. I love it. But I love Old even more, with its deep, rich colors and contrasts, plus the sentiment behind it. FanSee


It's very col to know that my dad chose each coin to save, and in that little jar/ bowl, and that Lauren has spent much time playing with them, even adding one or two coins of her own :DD

Love both of these, wonderful pics.

thank you so much, I'm glad you do :D

I really like both pf these pics - they're sharp with great contrast and composition. The coins are my favorite.

I try not to set-up photos for this particular comm., but once I'd thought of using the coins, I couldn't resist and I could take my time with the coins, unlike the building where others were waiting for me to 'get on with it, already' :D

I'm sure you know the feeling.

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