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Random-ish photos snagged from the folks over at tumblr
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Brought to you by the reality distorting capacity of time-lapse photography  I know you all have seen this photograph, the national nightly news even showed it, still, how gorgeous does our Bay Bridge look?
Posted by, I think, the Cheat Sheet, but don't quote me on that.

Approaching Leopard taken by Nathan Schepker: posted by black-and-white


Roddy McDowall (as Cornelius from Planet of The Apes) with a Nikon F.
Posted by celebritycameraclub

I could do this all day, dear f-list, so be grateful I've held it to three :DD

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It is very cool, isn't it? looks surreal.

I'm glad you followed the links, it's how you find interesting people to follow. I mostly follow photographers, which is why my thumblr is so so graphic and people into Adam but mostly Tommy who I owe for show me the way there. Until he tweeted or something that he was on tumblr, I didn't know about it :DD

We think alike. Just last night, I snagged two photos from tumblr. Love all three, but my favorite is Roddy with the camera.

'...my favorite is Roddy with the camera'
mine too even if the first is in my vicinity. It was one mighty storm!!

I so love tumblr, it's easy and graphic and finding new places to follow is a breeze. Are we following each other over there because if we're not, shouldn't we be? I have like 4 followers and they're ALL from LJ :))

If you'd like, you can find me at gaylenab.

I don't have a tumblr, but was thinking about it last night because of all the pretty pictures . . .

please please please...join. I mostly just reblog other people's stuff with a little of my own thrown into the mix. I know you want to :)

I kinda want to, I just worry about more time on line and tumblr looks really addictive.

For me, it requires a lot less time than LJ, probably because of the way it works and who I follow both. I rarely comment, generally you can't, you like posts, punch a little button and move on to the next pretty.

Yeah, pretty addictive.

Those first two are spectacular!

I was stunned when the first showed on the nightly news, every tower was struck!! and wouldn't the second of lost so much of its impact if it were in color??

The first two are spectacular and the third, to my mind anyway, is such a hoot, Cornelius uses a Nikon!!

Love the lightning on the Bay Bridge. I've got my own pics of that gorgeous structure.

Thanks for sharing all three.

you're more than welcome ;)

(Deleted comment)
it was taken during the last storm!! although Lauren's friend watched the storm for quite awhile from a lookout on the UCSanta Cruz campus and he said it was amazing. I think it all depended on where you were. It had over 750 something strikes. WOW.

Personally, I love thunder storms :D

(Deleted comment)
remember, this photo is time-lapse, all those strikes were spread out a little, but still, it had to be stunning to actually be on the bridge, we had over 750 lightening strikes!!

are you on tumblr?

(Deleted comment)
However taken, it still is a very cool photo :)

and if you do sign up, let me know so I can follow you :D

I love the Roddy McDowall pic and the fun memories it conjures up. :)

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