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Second List_Twenty-Sixth Post_100_snapshots
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With this post, I begin the second half of this my List Two of prompts at 100_snapshots.

Consequently, I've decided to step it up a little and post four photos per week instead of my traditional two, which will allow me the time I'll need to gather up photographs for List Three, the coom's. final list, so that I can begin that with my next mission101 in October.

The way this community works is that once you've completed a list, you notify the mods and then, and only then, begin taking photographs for the following list. I've found that having at least half of the prompts already filled when I begin a new list makes posting more consistent and I like consistent.

Number of photos: 4
Themes: 29_Show, 42_Splendor, 73_One, 91_Over

29_Show_The show Art:21 is a production of PBS, which I really enjoy and which I stream from Netflix.



91_Over_I couldn't resist using Lauren

flickr has all the rest

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I love the final pic -- yay for Lauren!

she was such a trooper, in a moment of spontaneity she jumped, but not ready, I made her jump several more times until I was able to get the shot I wanted. I'm glad we both had the patience to keep trying because this is one of my favorite shots of her :D I'm glad you like it to

Great shot of Lauren. Love the flowers and the moth too.

thank you!! I love the shot of Lauren a lot :D

Over and One are my favorites!

I love Over, it is just so my Lauren. She did the initial jump spontaneously, but then I made her do it several times again until I finally got the shot I wanted and she happily obliged me :D

It sounds like there was lots of laughter in the process. :)

It is a beautiful butterfly, the ones with bright blue when it opens its wings. I'm glad you liked it too!!

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