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more random photos from those lovely folks over at tumblr
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FROM: barackobama
President Obama and Elie Wiesel tour the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.'

FROM: men-se-men
I really like how this photograph and how it was taken, the angle of his body, the shadow of his arm, the paint, the way his hand frames his face, just all of it. Very cool.

And from weirdfolks with the understanding that this is a church is otherwise self-explanatory :DD

The End

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Yeah, that pic is very cool. And LMAO at the last one! XD

isn't it? love the composition. And seriously, WTF goes on, or doesn't, in some people's minds :)

Beyond the meaning, the participants, I love the composition, that long angled view up the wall is so dramatic.

The paint-splattered body is a great photo.

I quite obviously agree.

That first one is very powerful and I love that last one.

it is powerful, the subject matter combined with that dramatic angle works so well and that last one kills me, I wonder if they've figured it out by now :DD

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