July 10th, 2007

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A Request

so that I -- meaning we, of course -- can more
happily -- meaningfully -- throughly
celebrate that wondrous day
thirty-eight years ago,
when Mr. Harold was born

in the comments,
make a little picspam....
by posting your most-favorite-ever picture(s)
showing me -- meaning us, of course -- the beauty
the power
the vulnerability
that is Gale

These are two of mine


I should thank cold_poet for the idea  which I snagged from her most lovely picspam which can be found here
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icon flower_month_january

So it looks like if...

...Lauren and I want to see Gale in Falling For Grace
                            in San Francisco,
we're going to have to just take our chances because
while the Sundance Cinemas Kabuki is selling tickets in advance,
they are only selling them through the box office
...not online
...not over the phone, at least
...not for awhile (like next year..jeez)

The film will be there at least one week,
Friday the 20th through Thursday the 26th
with NO guarantees for a longer engagement
it only shows three times during weekdays with the earliest showing
at 4:30pm
which is way too late
...way, way, way, way way too late.
Now on Saturday and Sunday it will show five times with the earliest showing
at 10:50am
which seems more doable.
So I'm thinking we'll try for that

...Saturday July 21st at almost 11:00am

Leave here at 9:00am, shouldn't be a problem...right?
If they are all sold-out
well...we'll just have to make do with the whole
freakin' city to play in.
We can do that.
So yeah...that'll work...probably.

  • more info can be found at sundancecinemas.com, just click Kabuki and scroll to the bottom.
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