October 2nd, 2007

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Yet another multi_part post...happy wishes and me bragging


I want to wish
a happy birthday today to
I hope you have a most wonderful day

I want to wish
a happy birthday tomorrow to
Have fun sweetie


Tomorrow is mine & David's
20th anniversary...whooo_hooo
and we're going I know not where...it's a surprise. I called my friend Cindy and asked if she would not only love and cherish Lauren for four days beginning with Wednesday and ending with Saturday but if she would also let her sleep at her house (Cindy's Jimmy and my Lauren are bff's since first grade) and Cindy said "sure" just like that...no hesitation, no nothing...so amazing.

Tomorrow a cab will pick Daiv and me up at our house, at 7:15am CA time and away we will go sans computers so...

...see ya'all sometime Sunday. play nice while I'm gone and maybe I'll bring you back a prezzie but I swear, if I hear any bad reports from the neighbors...you are so grounded.
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