October 12th, 2007

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The story of a Christian guy, my daughter and our day at the mall

You know that theory that if you give enough monkeys typewriters and enough time, eventually one of them will write Shakespeare? or something. Well, that's the theory I'm working under.

I figure if I just keep writing eventually something Brian_Justin will, almost as if by accident really, just coming flowing through my fingertips, over my keyboard and into my computer...could happen.

So forgive me if I just tell other little stories for a while.

A couple of months ago,
Lauren and I went to our local mall for no other reason then because we could,
our newly renovated and finally made viable mall.

It's one of those brought to us by

the lovely British??? company that seems intent, at least from my experience,
on buying, renovating and making viable malls all across the US
and some foreign counties as well.
They currently own the three largest in San Jose.

World domination through shopping.

My fervent wish is that they buy all of downtown
but that's probably a retail challenge even they can't confront.

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