October 18th, 2007

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Okay, so I've been thinking about this tattoo...

...and it's not the one I've been thinking about getting,
and will probably actually get,
of resist done in lower case script around my middle right-hand finger, like a ring.

No, not that one.

This one I saw in a dream and not one of those hazy day-dreamy dreams but a really dream.

In the dream it was like this little blackish-red dragon lit on my left shoulder
and fell asleep sprawled flat.

His -- and yeah, I'm pretty sure he was a boy -- muzzle rested on the upper part of my shoulder,
close to my neck, while his lizard-like body-- obviously of European and not Asian descent, I think?? -- laid sprawled over my shoulder and just a little down my arm.

He wasn't too big.

His wings weren't, as would be expected, folded along his body
but instead spread toward my collar bone in front and toward my shoulder blade in back.
Like he was soaking up the sun.
His hind legs were hidden by the wings
but his front paws were just peeking out where his wings attach to his body.

But the really cool part was his tail.
It was  seriously long and curled around my upper arm about one and a half times ending,
about half-way down to my elbow, in just a thin little point as lizzardly-like tails are wont to do.

This started out as a dream and I even actually know the source.
It was a story my daughter read and told me about awhile ago.
In the story a boy has a dragon tattooed on his back which comes out_alive when the boy needs him to
to guide and protect him.
Sometimes the whole dragon comes out and can even be ridden
but sometimes he just lifts up his head and talks in the boy's ear.
Otherwise, he just looks like your typical large-scale dragon tattoo.

I'm becoming vaguely obsessed.
It's like at first the idea of
the dragon tattoo
was just a little thing wrapped inside my mind

but now
it's like the other way around,
the dragon tattoo
has wrapped itself all around the outside of my mind

and I want to have it...pretty much now.

I don't want shit like this.
This is just weird.
And, yet, I want it.
And pretty much now.


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