December 5th, 2007

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A year in review: From your journal, copy and paste the first sentence/paragraph from the first entry from every month of the year.
I did the title and the first paragraph -- gaeln

In looking over the posts for this meme, I could almost imagine this had been a very good year for me and not, in fact, the hardest of my life. The story I reposted in June was the last thing I've been able to write and that kind of scares me. It'll be good when 2007 is finished, I can only imagine 2008 will be a little easier, it kind of has to be.

their gift of always
Since we can repost now for the qaf_giftxchnge I thought I would. This was written for aimee_br and is my very first short story anywhere. She requested a fic wih Brian, Justin and Gus at Britin before or during Christmas with snow and all that goes along with that which was a little hard for me since I've never experienced a white Christmas but I gave it a shot.
I had the best beta in shadownyc thank you again.
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