December 10th, 2007

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A Christmas Post in Two Parts

Part One: Christmas Cards

I didn't know anyone this time last year, nonetheless four lovely ladies sent me cards and since I, happily, still know each of them, far better now then before, I will be sending cards to them. If anyone else would like to exchange cards with me, please leave your address in the comments, I'll screen them.

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Part Two: Christmas Wish List

I played last year and it was fun. My wish list is simple -- two things

One: do the FreeRice thing and the Breast Cancer thing each day...okay so maybe that is two things but really, that would be cool.

Two: I collect Christmas ornaments, all year around and where ever I go...maybe send me one that expresses where you live or who you are -- angels (I collects these to remind me of my mom)...hummingbirds (these are to remind me of my dad)...whatever. I know this is a little difficult because you not only have to buy but send but I thought I'd ask anyway. (see above cut for addie)

So...there you have it.
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